About us

Creosora means “Infinite Creativity!”

At Creosora – We promote art and creativity. A beautiful act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity requires tremendous passion and commitment and is limitless like the Sky.

Creosora showcases different types of art forms which includes – Miniature Paintings, Mithila (Madhubani) Art, Varali Art, Birds paintings, Japanese Art etc.

We currently have a collection of Japanese Art which includes Bonsai plants, Mame, Kusamono which are live arts. Penjing, Suiseki and Baiseki stones, mainly express the miniature landscape of stones. We also have a collection of watercolor paintings done on wooden scrolls on themes of birds, insects, bamboo and flowers like cherry blossom and roses. We also have beautifully textured drift wood.

In Indian art forms we do have collection of Miniature paintings as well as extremely unique traditional Mithila art paintings.

The concept of “Affordable Art” is very much an in-thing and Creosora once again vouches on providing the best of art work to its audience, collectors and buyers at the most convenient and affordable price to make them readily available to the collectors.

Creosora has concentrated and devised easier ways to make the sale and purchase through online art shop. Buying art online is the simplest trading mechanism. Creosora is the art platform which provides its collectors and viewers the best of the deals.

We provide the best value art products and services for galleries, hotels, restaurants, furnishers, interior designers, and consumers as well. With our excellent products and customer service, we have been successfully coordinating with our regular customers. Other than art products in our catalog, you also can also email us your favorite paintings, books, posters, postcards or photos to create the same. Your calls and emails are heartily welcome.